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About the Author

A.D. McGhee is a new and aspiring author in the fantasy genre. Born and raised in Chicago, Il, the mother of one is an outspoken, fun-loving person who is not afraid to try new things. Whenever she is not sharing funny content or reading, she also enjoys painting, crafting or binge-watching horror movies and shows. Now, with the support of family and friends, she has opened herself up to a new world of creating by introducing the world to Dark Rose Fantasies.

With Dark Rose Fantasies, A.D. McGhee brings the different types of characters to life that have inspired her from an early age. Building worlds that she thought would never exist, turning her love for reading into the love of writing.



Species: Chimera

Age: 23

Motivation: Denai wants to be accepted by the Lynas, a species of were lions. Born outside of the pride, she is an outcast but when the goddess issues a challenge, she is the chosen one. 

Read the letter she wrote to her mother here:

Pride of the Chimera


Their faith is in her hands….
Found abandoned on the coast of the Dominion Ocean by a high-ranking lioness of the Aneba Pride. Denai, a chimera raised among werelions was always reminded of how different she was. Many wanted to kill her, in fear she would be a threat to them one day.
Outcasted and ignored, Denai fought for her place within the pride. Now with the Eldritch Trials approaching and surprisingly being chosen for this journey Denai now has to choose if she wants to defend a pride that doesn’t believe in her or leave them to be cursed.
Will she find it in her heart to fight for the pride?

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