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Intro to Eldritch -101

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

There are things visitors to Eldritch should know. Common information that will make the journey easier as they acclimate to their surroundings. We’ve put together an introduction to our world. Don’t worry, we will share more as we get closer to opening our gates to new visitors.


The universal language is called Eldish. Though other languages exist within different species/cultures. They teach this for communication with other species. It is a part of higher education. Those without access to such things would likely struggle with the language. Possible that species only have a few who speak it on their behalf.

Note: One species may have many different languages.

Common Terms to Know:

• Earthling = Drichians

• People/Person = Eumen /Euman

• Hello / Goodbye = Hende

Common Curse words because everyone wants to know this:

• fuck = Jiiq

• shit = shezia

• damn = drakgo

• bitch = fatu

• you hoe= ma hezi

• dumbass= deplu


The years of Eldritch break down as follows.

16 months a year | 45 days a month set |5 weeks a month|33-hour days | 9 days a week

Months of the Year:

1. Sinabi

2. D’narwe

3. Crylnae

4. Koshe - awakening of Sprig. A day of planting.

5. Nuuk

6. Talis

7. Ja’Lynn

8. Sukral

9. NaKaki

10. Y’selwe

11. Ravnae

12. Fome - a time of harvest.

13. Kyemia

14. Soros

15. AihSek

16. Medosti

Days of the week: (The first 4 are named for the first 4 civilizations)

1. Dragga

2. Griffa

3. Sirea

4. Elva

5. Muda - Holy day - Day when thanks is given to Mother Goddess

6. Dina

7. Asya

8. Frya

9. Edla

Nights are far longer in the world of Eldritch as it takes twenty-one hours for the two moons to make their journey across the sky. Each day is thirty-three hours long but the sun only takes up space for twelve hours. This means the population has to take advantage of the waking hours as much as they can.


There are 3 seasons in the year.

Sol – The hottest months of the year last 5 months

Win – Coldest months of the year last 7 months. Win is the longest season of the year.

Sprig – The mildest months of the year last 4 months. This is the season our stories take place in.

Ocean names:

Caspeson – The south ocean is known for its healing properties. Many elders perform rituals in the waters as they pray to the goddess for her favor.

Dominion – The eastern ocean boasts treacherous waters. Many use these waters for tests for their champions. The roughest of the oceans is also the location of the major trade routes.

Bijou – Smallest of the oceans and known to have a connection to the spirit of Eldritch. The island Eldteron, where our challengers must travel to perform their trials stands at its heart.

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