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Liekki's letter to her parents

Each MC must pen a letter to a loved one before entering their challenge. Below is Liekki's letter to her mother and father.

Mother and Father,

If you’re reading this, then I am long gone from Vulpo. I should be entering the island of Elderton soon. Although you and many other Vulpiians are angry I was the one chosen for the trials, I have come to understand that what the spirits will, who are we to contest them? Every single day of our lives, we say a prayer or two to the spirits we worship. We seek out theirs and Zera’s, the Mother Goddess’ guidance throughout all moments of our lives and don’t question them. Why start now?

I didn’t want or ask for this. At first, I was just as angry as everyone else. I knew it would create unwanted attention to be shed on our clan. Towards our family. But mostly, unwanted attention on me. I think we can all agree that there was enough of that happening as it was. Although, I know I’m at fault for what part I had in the judging eyes on our clan and family, I will do what I can to make it right.

First thing to do to make it right was to see past my jaded gaze towards the spirits. I’m not a devout servant, but I’m thankful for Efrim helping me see past my discomfort when it came to them. Perhaps, you should sit down, Father, and have a conversation with him. The guard knows more than what you expect. Maybe his words will help you too.

Second thing I must get out is harder for me than the first. Father, we all know how you feel about your reputation and the Nightsong’s name. All of us, including other nobles of Clan Night, Clan Sky, and Clan Terra, know how you feel about me. I’m not your favorite. Not even liked by you. I see the scorn and disdain on your face whenever I am around. If it was left up to you, I would be resting in Dhasas’ arms. Either way, I still love you. I will always love you, and it’s not just because you’re my father, but because you are a great leader, if a little misguided. I’m still a Nightsong and carry your name. I hope to make you proud that I was one of your kits if something should happen to me during these trials. Whether I pass them or fail. Honestly, I doubt whatever I do will please you, but even the cynic in me likes to think that there’s always hope.

Mother, there’s so much to say, but sometimes it’s the things that are left unsaid that can be the loudest. So, let me say thank you. For all that you do and allowing me to be me. Nothing is greater than that.

My time is running short, and I must go but until we meet again. May Aku’s silvery light shine on you and father. May Duara bring you pleasant dreams instead of the haunted screams from her dark and dreaded nightscapes.

Until we meet again,


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