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Rel's Letter to Farah

Each MC must pen a letter to a loved one before entering their challenge. Below is Rel's letter to Farah.

Mother Farah.

I’m sorry my temper got the best of me. You always said, it would be my undoing.

Sorry Mother.


It is the only word I have, though I know it holds neither weight nor meaning considering what I’ve done. You must understand that being complacent wears on me. I’m not built for it, though it works well within the Pack, but we are not Pack. No.

I am not Pack.

Why is it so hard to write this letter? It should pour from the depths of my soul unless I don’t have one of those either. Maybe the Pack is right. I am an abomination. Not just in my look but in my character.

I am not like you. Kind. Wise. Merciful. My rage is constant. It burns hotter in my helplessness. My inability to keep you out of the Alpha’s clutches. It is my fault that he has you.

By Luna, I wish I held power, if only for the sake of protecting you. If I were a full werewolf, I would challenge Ulmer. Show the Pack he is no champion but a cruel rabid beast. I would pull his teeth, every one of them if I must.

A dog without its fangs is not a threat. Ulmer is not a true threat. It is the knives he surrounds himself with. His mad dogs and magicians.

I will survive the House of Testing. I will make it out. Not for the Pack but for you.

I need you to survive.

Be safe. I will send Gayle to bring you to me in the Lyew lands.

Wish me luck.

Plead with Luna on my behalf. The goddess hears the prayers of the pure, which I am not.

Always with love,

Daughter Rel

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