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About the Author

Anna L. Riley was born and raised in southeast Texas, and has been a Theatre Arts teacher for 20+ years. As a lover of life and creative energy, she has spent countless hours sharing her love of storytelling with others! She is a loving mother who was sure to instill the joys of creative expression into her own children just as she does with her students.

Aside from teaching, Anna is a performance poet, an actress, and an author. She writes poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, stage plays, short stories, and many other genres because her creativity and imagination shall never be contained. Wherever her idea light shines is where she creates!

Nothing can touch the joy Anna feels when she is using her gift of imagination, and creative writing is undeniably one of her most treasured pastimes.

A Seeker of Honor and Redemption


The shame of a century-old failure weighs on her shoulders….until a seer names her the next champion.

Ayinda never expected to be thrust into the forefront of her people, especially after being exiled for the last 107 years. Never craving the spotlight, she was perfectly fine being the supporting backbone to others. Yet, the spotlight is exactly what she received when Decheshe, the gifted seer, named her as the newest Eldritch Trials Lyew champion.

Many Lyew, including Ayinda herself, don’t want her representing their species in the Trials. After all, she is engaged to Nicanor, the very man who lost the first Trials that sent them into a hundred-year curse. According to their leaders, she is an unknown and unimportant felyew remembered only because of one very unwise decision. Ayinda was given the opportunity to denounce her engagement from the soon to be exiled loser, but she stupidly did not, thus sealing her fate with his banishment!

Can Ayinda redeem herself, her fiancé Nicanor, and the entire Lyew species as a competitor in the Eldritch Trials? Will she please Mother Goddess by exposing the unethical Lyew Leadership?

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