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About the Author

Jessica Cage is an International Award Winning, and USA Today Best Selling Author from Chicago, IL.  She is an independent publisher who focuses on writing strong characters of color in fantasy. To aid this effort Jessica launcher her podcast entitled More Than a Plot Point, to help uplift voices of creators who are creating work for those marginalized communities. Jessica recently signed with WEBTOON to produce exclusive content for their new reading app, YONDER.

A Corruption of Gilded Ashes


A hidden kingdom. A broken promise. A dying home.

Against the Queen’s wishes, Maluai, princess of a hidden race of underwater beings, will stand as champion in the Eldritch Trials to atone for the crimes of the land Griffins.

In the world of Eldritch the Griffins have lived at the top of the food chain for centuries. One of the first developed species, they’ve held their station and influence over the world with little contention. But the effects of time are unavoidable and often damaging.

The water Griffins, their sister species, lived widely unknown to the rest of the world but are forced to show themselves when the land Griffins put their lives at risk. The wavering values of the land Griffins impact the very foundation their civilization was built on and the blood of their island spills out into the seas poisoning the kingdom below.

Though they have lived apart, in the eyes of Mother Goddess, they are one and will be judged as one. Should Malaui fail, they will suffer her curse together.

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