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About the Author

Sins of the Serpent King


He had failed. It was just that simple. Not only did Mother Spirit inflict her punishment upon Dipilli, the rightful ruler of the Naga realm; but also, the kingdom of which he ruled was cursed with her wrath. And as custom, Dipilli must be stripped of his title and forced into exile; meanwhile his brother, Visuki took his place as king. The Kingdom of Amaru, a once flourishing realm of magic and lore, had crumbled.

And it would be a hundred or so years before the Scales of Justice would return to balance…

Nagini wanted out. Plain and simple. Freedom was calling her and once she mastered the art of what was her magia, she was out of there. She would leave the Kingdom of Amaru for good. At least, that was the plan… However, as Fate would have it, she would become the chosen contender for the chance to restore the Kingdom of Amaru to its former glory in what is known as The Eldritch Trials.

But, as Nagini prepared to stand up for her people, she would soon understand firsthand that everything is not what it seems. And with the help of the fallen ruler, Dipilli, she will uncover the secret truths regarding the Sins of the Serpent King.

Delizhia Jenkins is an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author who currently resides in Inglewood, CA. The love for writing began in elementary school when the passion for storytelling developed into a journey of writing. Over the years, she honed her craft for storytelling and the written word by excelling in subjects such English and English Literature; and by indulging in her favorite past time which involved reading the works of Anne Rice, K’Wan, Christopher Pike; Carl Weber'; Omar Tyree; J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and author Karen Marie Moning joined the ranks of Miss Jenkins’ all -time favorite authors.

Miss Jenkins began publishing in 2013 with her first African American romance novel, Love at Last. After that, it was realized that her true magic rested in her writing about the ancient, the esoteric, and the supernatural. Moreover, since 2014, after her release of Nubia Rising: The Awakening, Miss Jenkins remained true to herself and her calling. And of course, being a true romantic at heart, it was important for her to fuse romance with the paranormal with a dash of “color.” Miss Jenkins prides herself on writing for “the woman without the fairytale” and of course bringing magic and melanin to each book she writes.

Follow Miss Jenkins on the following platforms:

Instagram: @miss_jenkins_books

Twitter: @septembershope or hunters_vampire



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