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About the Author

D.L. Howard is a cosmic traveler who embraces her weirdness. Never one to back down from a chance to get away, she is always traveling on a new adventure snapping pics of her escapades.

A lover of animals, she is ruled by her psychotic cat overlord Sir Crookshanks!

She finds comfort in listening to music, thunderstorms, dark and gloomy days, cold weather, curling up in a corner with a blanket and a good book.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don't hesitate to stop by and say hi. She loves meeting other cosmic travelers too!

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A Blaze of
Spirit & Dreams


Can a thief save a corrupt society?

Ten years removed from the one-hundred year curse for failing the Eldritch Trials, the Vulpiians feel like they can finally move on from that murky part of their history. Yet an undercurrent of unease and darkness still lurks in the crevices of their minds and society. Things aren’t as they portray, and nobody knows this better than Liekki.

Liekki is no stranger to the darker side of Vulpiian society thanks to her alter ego. As renowned thief, Blaze, Liekki, gets to live her best life devoid of political entanglements. A menace to Vulpiian society, she knows their world is just a dreamscape that hides the true horror underneath.

When lightning turns night into day, all of Vulpo knows what it means. It’s time to prove their worth again. When Liekki is selected to represent them in the Trials, it causes hysteria, but the decision is irreversible. She is their champion.

Once she steps through the door of her house, there’s no turning back. What will she find out about herself? Will it be enough to save the Vulpiians from the corruption that could doom them all?

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