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Denai writes to her mother.

Each MC must pen a letter to a loved one before entering their challenge. Below is Denai's letter to her mother.


I understand the resentment and distaste of me being chosen for this journey, you too believe that this should be a place for a true Lyna. I honestly would not have been a part of this, but me being chosen is something that cannot be changed. If I survive this, I will be leaving the pride forever. I appreciate you taking me into the pride and raising me, but I have grown tired of the constant reminder I am not a true lyna. The constant sneers and stares from the pride members showing me I am still not truly accepted. Now I have this chance. I dread putting my life on the line for a pride that has never accepted me for who I am. The balance is in my hands, and I hope I am strong enough for this journey. But all you all care about is whether this pride falls or not.

I will no longer look for love and acceptance from a Pride that hates me. I hope you all think of this as you watch me risk my life for a family who thinks of themselves as all high and mighty but others that are different are treated so badly. It is ironic, the one you have constantly reminded that I am not like you and will never be, is the one you have to depend on to save your hateful pride. Please keep in mind I do have the urge to purposely fail these trials knowing this pride will be cursed and burned. Please pray to Avae that I have enough love in my heart to spare us all of this fate.

Farewell…. either way, this is the last time you will see me,


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So far Denali’s story intrigues me the most. Looking forward to getting the book. 🫶🏽

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