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The Underwater Creatures of Eldritch

We've used AI to generate some of the creatures that dwell in the oceans of Eldritch. These creatures are beautiful and in some cases, terrifying.

Dumi Whale

The gentle giants of the seas, the Dumi whales are playful and caring creatures. They find comfort in clusters and spend a lot of time around mermaids and water griffins. Often they form pair bonds with other underwater creatures and become highly defensive of this bond. Their glowing fins and bellies are an etheral combination with the sound of their whale song which the Water Griffins often dance to.

Fiddle Fish

They are agitated little things, but hard to keep hold of. They swim about thirty miles every day. That’s how much they need to move their little bodies.


The underwater fairies were both chilling and captivating, the gentle sway of their wings like a lullaby. Each had three pairs of wings, layered like armor and extending from the tip of their head to the end of their tail. Long wisps of translucent flesh hung from their legs and arms. Spiraled ridges that blended with the blue and greens of their flesh covered their legs, chest, and arms. Their heads were small compared to their bodies, but they had wide eyes that made them appear like babies. A part of their charm that often got eumen mixed up in deadly games with the kinokos. One of the most terrifying things about them are their hands. Their fingers are loose webbings which they can fuse into any form and if they want, they can shoot them off their body like spears, only to form more moments later.

Kivari Shark

Often found around Scour Whales. They feed on the smaller fish that follow the Scour Whales around. Often hunted for the jewels that form on its body. Most dangerous when mating.

Rotundi Fish

They were one of the main food sources for Wallains because of their high-fat content and sweet taste.

Scour Whale

A large creature with seven translucent tentacles that stretch from its belly to sweep the ocean for food. Doesn't have a functioning mouth, so it's not a threat to large prey or people. The top of its body is a translucent shell that encases a bioluminescent material that is a type of genetic coral.

Very timid and actually easily frightened. The water griffin kids make a game of scaring them (until they get scolded for being so cruel).

Scurry (Ghost) Fish

Translucent fish with luminescent ink that the guardians use for tattooing underwater. Hard to find, and difficult to catch. A guardian must catch their own scurry fish in order to get a tattoo from its ink.


While the Spirtu looks like a pet, it is not. These intelligent creatures make up one of the largest populations in the underwater world. They don't shift to humanoid forms, always look like this. They are water bound and work with other people like mermaids who can shift and go on land. You won't see them unless you're at least 20 feet below the surface. They struggle to breathe if they go any higher.


A fish that has pipelike fins that it uses to create music. The musical tones help the water griffins understand what's happening in their surroundings and show seasonal changes. During their mating season, their music is so sexual, that the water griffins align their own paring festivals with theirs.

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